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Certain adjectives may lack precision and may be subjective because they are often based on opinion and not evidence and can be interpreted differently by the reader. Emotive and colloquial adjectives, such as wonderful, terrible, great, good, nice should be avoided in scientific writing since they do not provide an objective description or evaluation. Using subjective adjectives can reduce the impact and academic tone of the writing, instead the author should consider using adjectives that are more formal and suitable to the level of certainty.

Example 1

Below is an extract which contains examples of subjective adjectives, which have been highlighted.

The amazing results obtained in the experiment show that our ground-breaking work can have a great impact on the world, which is fantastic. In the future, we will continue to develop this super device and believe the world will be a wonderful place because of it.


In the extract below, the subjective adjectives have been removed and some of them have been replaced to create a more academic tone.

The results obtained in the experiment show that the novel device can help to advance the field. In the future, we will continue to develop the proposed device and believe that it can make a positive contribution.


Redundant Language

As can be seen in the example above, adjectives are often redundant or unnecessary in scientific writing as the focus is on precision and not flowery description. The author needs to focus on conveying an exact meaning rather than a subjective evaluation.

Example 2

Below is an extract with examples of redundant language highlighted

The new and improved modified approach has contributed to a novel product which is completely and utterly a very important new innovation that can clearly and obviously provide very interesting and outstanding positive benefits to the whole wide world.


In the extract below, the redundant language has been removed to produce a more streamlined and objective text.

The modified approach has contributed to the development of an innovative product  that can provide benefits to the wider community.

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