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The following table features the title (Column A) and the sub-headings of the Introduction chapter of a thesis from Mechanical Engineering (Column B). The key terms in the title are coded in different colors. Use the colour palette provided to identify their corresponding sub-headings in Column B (Table of Contents for the Introduction chapter).

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Colour palette

  1. Yellow
  2. Green
  3. Pink
  4. Grey



Column A: Title Column B: Sub-headings of the Introduction chapter
Combustion, Thermal and Emission Characteristics of Gas-fired Inverse Diffusion Flames Burning mixed LPGHydrogen Fuel

Chapter 1.  Introduction

1.1 Inverse Diffusion Flame
1.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Hydrogen (H2) fuels.
1.3 Scope and Objectives of the Present Study
1.4 Thesis Organisation

Adapted from: J. Miao, “Combustion, Thermal and Emission Characteristics of Gas-fired Inverse Diffusion Flames Burning mixed LPG-Hydrogen Fuel”, Ph. D dissertation, Dept. of Mech. Eng., HKPOLYU, Hong Kong, 2015. [Online]. Available: HK PolyU Electronic Theses.

The purpose of an Introduction refers to its communicative function, which is to communicate specific information about the thesis to the reader.

The six communicative purposes of an Introduction
In general, an Introduction has six communicative purposes which together help the reader to understand the background to the study and the motivation for the research.

  • To identify the research topic and establish its significance.
  • To review and evaluate previous research to identify aspects of the topic that need to be investigated.
  • To identify the specific research gap the study aims to address.
  • To indicate how the study addresses the research gap being investigated.
  • To establish the contribution the research makes to the broader field of study it relates to.
  • To signal the organisation of information in the thesis.

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