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The Literature Review chapter in a thesis, which follows the Introduction, fundamentally situates the current study within the context of existing research on the topic, differentiates it from what has already been investigated about the topic and establishes its unique contribution to the field. This chapter allows the authors to demonstrate a thorough awareness of key issues that are relevant to the research topic and justify their inclusion as a member of the academic community in their discipline.

The Literature Review, which creates the theoretical foundation for the current study as it presents, analyses and evaluates the research discussed, fulfils multiple communicative purposes:

  • Identifying the research topic and its main themes.
  • Presenting the theoretical viewpoints, product or system designs, models and algorithms, to establish their relevance to the research topic.
  • Reviewing and evaluating relevant research.
  • Identifying the research gap that the thesis will address.
  • Stating the contribution of the study.

The Literature Review chapter details the main themes of the research topic that is central to the PhD thesis. Depending on the nature of the study, it explains the theoretical perspectives that form the basis of the study, product or system designs, or models and algorithms to rationalize their selection and show how they are relevant. These perspectives are critically evaluated and synthesized to identify the research gap and create the context for he research gap that the thesis seeks to address. The Literature Review also makes explicit the significance of the research and its contribution to the field of study.

All these communicative purposes provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of the research and demonstrate the writer’s knowledge of the research topic to the examiners.

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